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Keith.A.Johnson at DARTMOUTH.EDU writes:

>I haven't been paying strict attention to some of the more recent postings on
>the database search programs and the ftp names now in use.  I was wondering
>if there is a site available for BLAZE searches as there is for the BLAST
>searches?  I have had a bad experience with a BLAST search and received more
>believable information from the BLAZE algorithm.

from "Mr" himself: (posted on bio-matrix just a couple of
days ago)

> kristoff at (David Kristofferson) writes:
> >Since the end of the GenBank On-line Service, BLAZE is now only
> >available commercially from IntelliGenetics and MASPAR.
> David,
> where do we get info about rates and access to the "commercial" BLAZE?
> thanks,
> francis

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hope this helps,


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