Genbank FASTA server -> NCBI?

David Kristofferson kristoff at
Fri Sep 25 22:12:38 EST 1992

mathog at (David Mathog) writes:

>Is the NCBI going to continue the Genbank Fasta e-mail server?

>If yes, could someone please post the details?

>If no, why not?

I was told so time ago by people at NCBI that there are no plans to do
so, but also that this might be reconsidered.

I will add myself that FASTA and BLAST use different database formats,
and this consumes lots of disk space.  As the databases continue to
grow it would be nice to consolidate formats for searching programs.

Don't forget that EMBL provides a FASTA server at the address
fasta at  The added load of everyone migrating there
from on top of their current users might be a bit much
however.  I'll leave further comments to the folks from EMBL and NCBI.


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