Software for analysis of electrophoretic data

s.fraser at s.fraser at
Mon Apr 5 04:33:57 EST 1993

I have already posed this question to the InfoMac
digest, so apologies to those of you who have seen it
already. However, I had little helpful response last time,
so hope you people in this newsgroup can help me.

I am looking for some software, preferably in the public
domain or shareware, for the analysis of data from electro-
phoresis, to run on a Macintosh computer.
The package BioSys, which runs on DOS, VMS etc. does most
of the required analyses (such as calculations of genetic
distance and heterozygosity, and clustering), but is there
a more friendly Macintosh alternative?

Please respond directly to me, and I will summarize to the

Simon Fraser
Centre for Population Biology
Imperial College at Silwood Park
s.fraser at

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