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Fri Apr 9 23:04:38 EST 1993

doelz at (Reinhard Doelz) writes:

>In article <darrenp.733377699 at>, darrenp at (Daz) writes:
>|> I propose we rename this newsgroup to somehting like bionet.misc or
>|> bionet.irrelevant.

>I agree that it would be good to have a better 'sorted' environment. 
>In particular, the following interest groups could be valuable if 
>we can only afford running them :

>		- those for asking for and discussing
>                                               availability, 
>                                  as well as announcing software
>                                  * MODERATED * 
>          - general inquiries how to manage 
>                                               biocomputing sw

>            - all other stuff not fitting to the
>                                     other newsgroups. 

>In particular, a group which discusses availability issues is most 
>needed in my view, and should be moderated. If this thread gets enough 
>discussion we could dare to raise a call for discussion on it. 

Seems like this thread died out after a few messages.  If someone
wants to put together a formal proposal, I'll be waiting.


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