ms-dos molecular modeller wanted

prwiertz at prwiertz at
Wed Apr 14 02:42:32 EST 1993

In article <01GWZBAARM2Q9N403Q at>, BCBORS at (Borsisti BC del DINSE +39-11-564-4386) writes:
>    Does anyone know where I can get a ms-dos molecular modeller
>program better than I have?
>    Now I'm using DESKTOP MOLECULAR MODELLER (version 1.0) where
>is possible to handle just the first 32 elements (from H to Ge).
>    Thank you in advance.
>                                  Lilette

At the moment i use the same programm and i think this is the best programm at
this moment. But if someone thinks he has a better programm. Please email me.


Email : Prwiertz at

P.S. Lilette there is a library where you can get all the elements.

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