WinSock Software - a long, hot summary

Harry Mangalam mangalam at SALK-SC2.SDSC.EDU
Thu Apr 22 13:06:06 EST 1993

My apologies for continuing a subject slightly off-topic, but since my
original post on this subject, I've gotten several more queries directly,
so it may be of interest to others as well.

I originally wrote:

>  I've been looking about for a WinSock compatible WAIS client for Windows and
>>finally found one by accident. has both clients that are
>WinSock >1.1 compatible on their FTP server at (what else?)
>in the >/pub/winsock directory.  You must ftp from an NIS-registered host,
>though - if >they can't verify your host, you can't get in.

>   Both are Asymetrix Toolbook clients (relevant exe's and dll's included),
>and >both are written by Kevin Gamiel from UNC (and probably both can be got
>from an >UNC ftp site, but I haven't looked).  Both purport to be very early
>versions >but both work reasonably well.  I'm using the Netmanage-supplied
>Winsock stack >and I've had no (insurmountable) problems yet...

Some corrections and expansions:

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