Looking for MAC pop. biol. software

Eric Cabot ecec at kimbark.uchicago.edu
Thu Aug 5 10:18:25 EST 1993

In article <93210.154711APARKER at MAINE.MAINE.EDU> <APARKER at MAINE.MAINE.EDU> writes:
>I'm looking for a population biology simulation program, similar
>to the DOS program POPULUS, which can be run on a very primitive
>(floppy drive only) MacIntosh.  Any ideas?
>Thanks in advance,
>Alex Parker
>UMaine Zoology
>aparker at maine.maine.edu

You might try to get a hold of PopDyne by Ron J. Etter. I used
if for a course I taught once and had the University stock copies
for the students to purchase as "textbooks" for about $25/copy.

(On the other hand you could get a PC and populus, it is
 a more comprehensive program than PopDyne.)
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