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Fri Aug 6 16:17:00 EST 1993


LARCHMONT, NY * July 29, 1993 * NUIQ SOFTWARE INC, a New York based
firm specializing in BBS software development announces the release
of the RIP Menu Development Tool.

The utility, included with the new Powerboard BBS version 1.25A,
provides means for BBS operators to design attractive high resolution
graphic screens without a drawing program.  The elimination of the
need for a steady hand, a color monitor, and a mouse will help the
operator conver their BBS to one enhanced by mouse control and
professional graphics.  The menu driven development system facilitates
fast and easy integration of RIP graphics into the BBS.

The Powerboard software features a script language that allows the
building of questionnaires, online games, specialized functions, even
re-designing of the entire user interface.

The system can be installed in less than 5 minutes after answering 7
simple questions.  The initial installation yields a system ready to
use with no further configuration.

Powerboard BBS software lists for $99 for single-node.  Multinode
versions start at $175 for a 3-node package.

NuIQ Softare, Inc. is constantly striving to remain an innovator of
BBS Software technology.  An evaluation copy of the software is
available.  Contact NuIQ by phone, fax, mail, or the product support
BBS at 914-834-7830 (hst) 914-833-1479 (v32bis).

NuIQ Software, Inc., P.O. Box 832, Larchmont, NY 10538.
(914) 833-3479  (914) 833-3623 (fax).

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