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> Dear Netters
> I am looking for some software that I can use to deconvolute CD spectra.  I
> have had a go with the program PROSEC (which comes with an AVIV
> spectropolarimeter) but I was less than impressed with the results.  Any
> suggestions will be welcomed.

Jasco (of J-710 and J-720 fame) have a secondary structure analysis package
which is very good -- it will read in spectra data, display it in a number
of formats, smooth spectra, calculate % alpha/beta-strand/beta-turn based
on Yang and a number of other reference data sets, and does all of the
usual mathematical-type stuff. Processed spectra can be dumped to a variety
of printers or plotters. It's available without buying a machine (!), but
it's pricey -- last time I saw a price list, they listed it for $1000. You
might want to find someone who has it and take it for a test-drive before

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