Where *is* Authorin3.0?

Torban Bennett torban at csuvax1.csu.murdoch.edu.au
Thu Aug 12 18:19:14 EST 1993

Hi, I have a very quick question.  Where is Authorin3.0 available from via

I have done an 'archie' search, which gave only two sites.

Host sunbcd.weizmann.ac.il    (
Last updated 13:06  7 Aug 1993

    Location: /pub/software/mac
      DIRECTORY    drwxr-x--- 512 bytes 03:00 27 Oct 1992 Authorin3.0

This site came up as an unknown host, and net.bio.net, the only other site
listed, didn't seem to have it.

thanks for any pointers,

Torban Bennett
Murdoch University,
Western Australia.

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