looking for MAC and PC based software

Masoud Majidi majidi at umdnj.edu
Fri Aug 13 08:08:18 EST 1993

Dear netters,

I am looking for some public domain MAC and PC based software to do basic
genetic engineerng tasks. If you know of such software (whether you have used
it or not) I'd appreciate it very much if you'd drop me a line and give me the
name of the program and if possible where I can find it. I know that there
must be tens of programs out there and my request is probably too vague but
I have to start from somewhere....

Thanks for your help,

Masoud Majidi                           Internet: majidi at umdnj.edu
Academic Computing Services             Voice: (908) 235-4839
University of Med & Dent of NJ          Fax:   (908) 235-5252

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