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In article <9308130358.AA17078 at>, HYUNERHO at KRSNUCC1.BITNET writes:
> Dear Netters ...
> In recent days many books and articles present stereoscopic images
> for their molecular structures and
> I believe there are several kinds of methods to generate stereo images .
> I hope I could purchase any cheap glasses to view those images ...
> Is anybody out there who are willing to let me know where could I order
> the glasses for stereoscopic images please ?
> Thanks for reading me and in advance .
> Sincerely Rhee Hwan-Seok
> Dept. Mol.Biol
> Seoul National Univ.
> e-mail : hyunerho at krsnucc1.BITNET

Several ways are available to view stereoscopic images depending on the type of 
image displayed by the computer hardware.  Expensive ways involve battery
powered eyeglasses that filter the images for the left and right eyes.  A cheap
way is to use glasses with mirrors that separate the left and right
images from a split screen display.  From a collegue, I have learned that such
eyeglasses are available from 

nu 3-D vu
71 East 28 Avenue
Eugene, Oregon  97405
Telephone:  503-484-6176

I hope this information is helpful.

Gregg Wells
Department of Pathology
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104-4283
email:  pathology at

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