Eugene replacement?

Stuart Tsubota mikek at
Mon Aug 16 15:41:36 EST 1993

Hi.  I'm a system administrator for the U-M's biology department and they're
using a piece of software here called Eugene.  It's apparently not supported
and I'm having a heck of a time dealing with it (I'm not a biologist so a
lot of what it does--and doesn't do--is over my head).  Has there been a
commercial or--preferably--freely available replacement?  If so, could
someone send me some pointers.  I've gotten "The Biologist's Guide to
Internet Resources" and read it, but nothing seems to jump out as what 
they're looking for.  

Please send mail and I'll summarize to the net.  Thanks.

Mike Kuniavsky           ITD/US UNIX Support
mikek at          (313)764-1178

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