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>> >Was wondering if anyone knew of a program called RIBBON that I could
>> >ftp from somewhere.  This program reads PDB files and a parameter file
>> >and creates a ribbon-like cartoon of the protein.  Beta sheets are represented
>> >by ribbons with arrow and helices with a stylized spiral.
>> We have a program like this for the Mac.
>Can you tell us what you're using, if it's public domain (or it's cost) &
>a few impressions?  Many thanks...

I've been flooded with mail for this. I thought modeling programs
were pretty common. Silly me.

The program in question is called MacInPlot. It is written by
Tom Smith (tom at

The program produces ribbons, ball&stick, and space filled models.

I know nothing about Biology, I have been using the program to create
models images for QuickTime movies for a Molecules of Life CD we're
selling to highschools.

I don't know how Dr. Smith feels about distribution of his program
so everyone who is interested should e-mail him directly for it.

He's pretty busy, so it may take a few days for a reply.


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