updating sequence data in EMBL - how?

DOROTHY LOWRY dlowry at cmu.unige.ch
Wed Aug 18 09:42:10 EST 1993

Can someone please advise me on the proper procedure for updating a sequence
that has already appeared in the databank?  For instance, if I submit
a sequence that is 500 bp long.  Then, there is new data for that 
sequence that extends it to (in total) 700 bp. or whatever...

How do I submit this 'new' sequence to the databank?

In actual fact, I am writing this for a friend.  The databank is EMBL.
The sequence was already submitted.  After reading the Authorin 
documentation, we came to the conclusion that we could use Authorin to
generate a new sequence entry, then mail that entry to update at embl-etc.
with something like: update of sequence 'accession number'; new data 
from x to y bp.

Is this that proper procedure?  Any advice (particulary EMBL) associated
would be appreciated.

Dorothy Lowry                                         dlowry at cmu.unige.ch
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