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Frode Skarstein frodes at ibg.uit.no
Thu Aug 19 05:56:24 EST 1993

In article <24vgkp$qen at kruuna.Helsinki.FI>, stenberg at kruuna.Helsinki.FI
(Dag Stenberg) wrote:
> Loren King (lking at epas.utoronto.ca) wrote:
> > Can anyone direct me towards a program called IMAGES, which I believe
> > was developed by the NIH.  Is this free-access software?  If so, can
> > someone provide me with an FTP site, perhaps?  If not, does anyone
> > know where I can order it from?
> NIH Image is available for the Macintosh only, and is indeed free
> access, from
> 	zippy.nimh.nih.gov
> using anonymous ftp.
> This version (now 1.49) seems to support the DT2255 and Scion LG-3
> grabber cards, of which LG-3 is somewhat cheaper and apparently has more
> capabilities (several video inputs, buffers etc.)
Current version is 1.52 

Frode Skarstein
Department of Ecology/Zoology
University of Tromsoe

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