Looking for IMAGES ...

Dag Stenberg stenberg at kruuna.Helsinki.FI
Thu Aug 19 04:20:25 EST 1993

Loren King (lking at epas.utoronto.ca) wrote:

> Can anyone direct me towards a program called IMAGES, which I believe
> was developed by the NIH.  Is this free-access software?  If so, can
> someone provide me with an FTP site, perhaps?  If not, does anyone
> know where I can order it from?

NIH Image is available for the Macintosh only, and is indeed free
access, from
using anonymous ftp.

This version (now 1.49) seems to support the DT2255 and Scion LG-3
grabber cards, of which LG-3 is somewhat cheaper and apparently has more
capabilities (several video inputs, buffers etc.)

If you want another grabber card (like Perceptics Pixel
Grabber/Buffer/Pipeline, these and many other boards are supplied by the
board manufacturer with a suitable version of NIH Image.

And, the program is very nice.

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