Image Conversion software?

Dave Pearton pearton at
Fri Aug 20 07:32:58 EST 1993


I'm looking for public domain or shareware software to convert binary images
from a Kontron Vidas (Kontron 2.1) image analyser to any other format, be it
.tif, .gif or any other universal format.  The Kontron stores its images in
an .img format, BUT it is not the normal .img format as other graphics
programs, such as GWS, GDS or Correl are unable to read them!

As the Kontron has a really nasty user interface and gel analysis on the
system is more trouble than it is worth I would really like to get hold of a
conversion program that would allow analysis by another system.

In addition, although I have some gel analysis software I would really like
to get other programs to compare.  If any are available, through ftp or
E-mail, then I would be extremely interested to try them out.  Environment
is not a problem, either IBM, Mac or Unix (Sun), although unfortunately not
 Silicon graphics (YET!), can be used.

Thanks in advance. 
Posting or private e-mail is fine.  If there is a demand I will summarise
and repost replies.


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