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> >I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has seen or developed any
> >interactive software for demonstrating concepts and principles of any aspect 
> >of modern molecular biology.  I would also be interested in getting feedback
> >from people on their opinions of such packages, and any views they might
> >have for developing novel interactive educational software in this field.

The CTI Centre for Biology maintains a Resource Directory of tertiary-level
biology courseware that includes sections on molecular biology, genetics and
biochemistry.  This information is published in paper form and is also available
on the NISS Bulletin Board.  Before Christmas we hope to publish an updated
version and will provide a new Gopher service and also an extended CD edition
(the Gopher should go live with the old data -- circa '91 -- on September 1st).

It is perhaps worth knowing that the UK Higher Education Funding Councils
have recently established two projects under their Teaching & Learning
Technology Programme that have some relevance to molecular biology (depending,
to some extent, on how you define molecular biology).


Peter Miller

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