MEGA: Mol. Evol. Analysis Program

Thu Aug 26 11:00:24 EST 1993

               MEGA version 1.0

                                                August, 1993

To whom it may concern:

     A computer software called MEGA: Molecular Evolutionary
Genetics Analysis has been developed.  This software is for
facilitating statistical studies of molecular evolution by
using IBM compatible personal computers.  It contains
various methods of estimating evolutionary distances and
three different methods of phylogenetic inference (UPGMA,
neighbor-joining, and maximum parsimony) with either a
standard-error test or a bootstrap test of topological
differences.  For the maximum parsimony method, new
algorithms of the branch-and-bound and heuristic searches
are implemented.  MEGA also computes basic statistical
quantities such as nucleotide and amino acid frequencies,
transition/transversion bias, codon usage frequencies,
number of variable sites, etc.  In addition, advance on-
screen sequence data and phylogenetic tree editors are
included.  Integrated and interactive designs, on-line
context-sensitive helps, text-file editor, and other unique
features make it easy to use MEGA.

     MEGA version 1.0 is distributed with a nominal fee to
defray the cost of producing the user manual and diskettes,
and the mailing and handling expenses (see order form).
However, for anyone who is unable to pay the fee for some
reason, it will be provided free of charge after receiving a
letter explaining the circumstances.  MEGA will not be sent
by electronic-mail because the accompanying manual cannot be
included in this case.

     Technical questions and other inquires about MEGA
should be directed to the senior author of the software.
Please include your electronic-mail address, if any.

                              Sincerely yours,

                              Sudhir Kumar
                              Koichiro Tamura
                              Masatoshi Nei

                              Telephone:  (814) 863-7334
                              FAX:        (814) 863-7336
                              E-mail:     imeg at psuvm,
                                          imeg at

P.S.  MEGA version 1.0 will be released around August 20, 1993.

                    MEGA ORDER FORM

Program                                                 No Charge
User manual, diskette, shipping, and handling           $ 15.00
For shipment outside North America add $10.00           _________
                    (We will use first class mail)
TOTAL                                                   _________
* This cost can be waived if the circumstances for the inability to
pay (e.g., lack of hard currencies in some countries) are explained.

Diskette type desired:             Please specify:
[ ] 3.5" Diskette (1.44MB)         [ ] DOS Version ......
[ ] 5.25" Diskette (1.2MB)         [ ] Computer system...
[ ] other (specify)....            [ ] Do you use windows? Yes/No

All orders must be prepaid in U.S. dollars. Return this form together
with a check or money order payable to Penn State University at the
following address. Purchase orders are discouraged but will be accepted
if prepayment cannot be done.

     Joyce White
     Institute of Molecular Evolutionary Genetics
     The Pennsylvania State University
     328 Mueller Laboratory
     University Park, PA   18602 USA

     Telephone:  (814)-863-7334
     Fax:        (814)-863-7336
     E-mail:     IMEG at, IMEG at PSUVM

About the user:
Name:       ____________________________________________
Address:    ____________________________________________
Telephone:  _____________________ Fax: _________________
E-Mail:     ____________________________________________

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