MEGA: Mol. Evol. Analysis Program

Joe Felsenstein joe at
Thu Aug 26 21:57:13 EST 1993

In article <Aug. at> hu at (Zhixiang Hu) writes:
>>MEGA will not be sent
>>by electronic-mail because the accompanying manual cannot be
>                              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>>included in this case.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>How could it not be included? You can esaily zip the program with the manual
>together, then encode it and send it through e-mail. Or, you may just upload
>the ZIP file to an archive site for anonymous ftp.

Not so fast.  I've had the same problem, but with binaries rather than
manuals.  The problem is that you could send an encoded (uuencoded?) Zip file
by e-mail but many biologists won't have the decoding program or the
knowledge of how to decode it.

If anyone knows a way to send encoded binaries by e-mail and have people be
able to make them self-extract without requiring tutorials from me on
how to get and use decoding programs, I'd love to hear it (it sounds
impossible to me).  I know decoding seems easy to readers here but the level of
ignorance among potential users is pretty high.  There are also people whose
systems don't have (say) uuencode because they are not Unix systems and
no one has bothered to put a version of it on them.

I've had success for my programs in distributing self-extracting archives
by anonymous ftp, but the Penn State group may not have their manual in
computer-readable form and there is as yet no known way to distribute a printed
and bound manual on paper by either e-mail or ftp.  :-)

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