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In <25jt69$t6b at> joe at (Joe Felsenstein) writes:

>If anyone knows a way to send encoded binaries by e-mail and have people be
>able to make them self-extract without requiring tutorials from me on
>how to get and use decoding programs, I'd love to hear it (it sounds
>impossible to me).  

	If EVERYONE had a mail handling programme like PINE then it is
	possible. Within pine there is and option called ATTACH which 
	allows you to attach binary files to a E-mail message. The files
	are encoded as BASE-64 which looks alot like UUENCODE but is
	more robust. No more tilde trashing through UK gateways.

	When somebody receives a message which has a BASE-64 encoded message
	in it PINE will decode it and allow you to save the binary to a
	seperate file. PINE is rather elegant... in that if you have
	a binary .gif file encoded in the mail message it will decode the
	file and DISPLAY it within Xwindows using Xv. Yes folks E-mail with
	pictures is here... that is if you have Xwindows:-)  

	PINE ( Pine is not ELM ) can be had for a variety of Unix flavours
	and I believe there is a PC version in the pipeline as well.
	To check it out you can look at the following hosts and directories.

finsun /appl/help> archie pine

    Location: /pub/mail
      DIRECTORY drwxr-xr-x        512  Jun  7 07:42  pine
    Location: /pub/uunet/networking/mail
      DIRECTORY drwxr-xr-x        512  Jun 17 03:47  pine


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