how to make a graphic secondary structure with letters ?

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Mon Aug 30 10:41:24 EST 1993

> Hi GCG users,
> I'm using FOLD to predict RNA secondary structures and SQUIGGLES to plot the r
> sults.. The output look very nice, but the secondary structures are curves wit
> out the corresponding base's letters
> Since I need (for a paper) to show secondary structures with letters instead o
>  curves, I'm wondering if it is possible to obtain a similar output using GCG.
> I can't use the no-graphic output of FOLD because it is not good enough ...
> (And my sequence is long a lot ...)
> Any suggestion ?
 I can think of the following procedure to solve your problem:
 a) get the program HP2PICT by Don Gilbert from the IUBIO server (by FTP or
 Gopher). This program converts a HPGL file into a PICT file which can be read
 by, say, MACDRAW
 b) make SQUIGGLES create a HPGL file
 c) transfer this file onto your Mac and edit it with MACDRAW
 d) now, unfortunately, you'll have to place manually the letters on your
 Hope this helps. Good luck.
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