Drawing Plasmid Map on PC?

Rob Harper harper at convex.csc.FI
Tue Aug 31 01:00:21 EST 1993

In <16C3913563.A428ENDE at HASARA11.SARA.NL> A428ENDE at HASARA11.SARA.NL writes:

>Please post your answers to this sort of questions also on the net. 
>More people could be interested in the subject! A lot of people are 
>reading this kind of post because they have the same problem but 
>haven't tried to ask it themself!
>Many thanks, Henk van de Kamer.

I have just uploaded a plasmid drawing programme for PC's called 
DRAWMAP onto the molbio ftp archive at nic.funet.fi in the directory

There are a couple of self extracting files which you will need to get
DRAWMAPP.EXE which is a packed file with the programme and overlays, and
DRAWMAN.EXE which included and ascii version of the manual.

The programmes were written by Dr Teemu Teeri from the Institute of
Biotechnology, University of Helsinki.

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