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Neal Dalton nrd at
Thu Dec 16 10:24:07 EST 1993

Kenton A. Hoover (shibumi at wrote:
: In article <2e1ce1$1bsb at>, 
: Marcus Haebler <haebler at> wrote:
: >What is in this directory? I can see only numbered files? Is there any 
: >software or are it just postings from this group? Is there any software 
: >at all on the server? Where can I find a list?  Maybe someone can send me FAQ

: The 'numbers' are dates, more or less of the format YYMM.  Sometimes its YYM 
: -- my date format wasn't perfect. 

I have always wondered why these aren't wais indexed.  It recognized
mail format and can pull out individual articles I'm interested in.


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