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>David Salt Writes:

>>Well the question is simple does anyone know of a program for mswindows that
>>would allow me to view a postscript file and that is ftp'able (OK and buy'able)

>   If the WinDoze restriction isn't set in stone, and you're somewhat
>compu-tent, you can ftp GHOSTSCRIPT (386 version also available - may
>require a certain amount of futzing to get the 32-bit addressing set up
>correctly) from any of a number of FTP (ie - in
>/pub/msdos/postscript - file is, I believe) sites (and the
>related fonts - free, but in a separate file), and then use it as an
>extremely good PS previewer. 

Actually, the file is called; it contains 386-specific
files.  Also present is, which is for 286's.  There is a
Windows version too, called, which works under Windows, but
lacks much of a Windows interface.  In any case, you must also retrieve, which contains files required byall of the above.  I've
found that I prefer using the 386 DOS version, even though I launch it
through Windows.  It shows an entire slide on one screen, where as the
Windows version requires scrolling.  The Windows version is also slower.
Either works, and both require command line execution commands.

All are free.  They work fine for me to just what you want to do.

Dick Hoffmann

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