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>Subject: The Most Useful MSDOS Programs at Simtel20 and Garbo (Part I)
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>Summary: A list of recommended msdos programs at major ftp sites. 
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Archive-name: msdos-archives/part1
Last-modified: Jan 1, 1993
Version: 2.0

     The Most Useful MSDOS Programs at Simtel20 and Garbo (Part I)
       ****   The Ultimate Guide to MSDOS Archive Files   ****

Version: 2.0  Jan 1, 1993  (so, Happy New Year!!!)

Compiled by Samuel Ko (kko at

This is a good selection of the "best" sharewares and freewares that are
available from Simtel20 ( - the largest depository
of MSDOS files - and Garbo ( - a good alternative to Simtel20.
This list contains many commonly-and-frequently-wanted sharewares/freewares/
public domain programs. So before you post any requests for ftp'able MSDOS
files in comp.archives.msdos.d, or other msdos/pc
newsgroups, please try to read the list first. This will help reduce the
traffic in those groups a bit. Besides you might find some other interesting
stuff here.

As it is more convenient to ftp files from Simtel20's mirror sites than
Simtel20 itself, so I use the directories of (the most
up-to-date mirror site) instead. If you want to use the parent site (Simtel20)
or other mirror sites (e.g., please change the path name
accordingly. Here is how to do it:  (`whatever' is the name of subdirectory
to be substituted)

oak: /pub/msdos/whatever = Simtel20: PD1:<MSDOS.WHATEVER>
                         = wuarchive: /mirrors/msdos/whatever

Please note that garbo is mirrored in N. America at wuarchive. Therefore
garbo: /pc/whatever = wuarchive: /mirrors/

For info on other Simtel20 and Garbo mirror sites, please see Appendix 1.

If you do not have ftp access, please read Appendix 2 for instructions
on how to obtain most of the files listed below by e-mail.

Thanks to all who have helped in improving the list. However, to save
some bandwidth, I do not want to include a long list (over 150 names) of
acknowledgment. I do sincerely thank each and every one of you who has
contributed to this compilation in one way or the other.

Any further comments and suggestions will be very much appreciated. I am
particularly interested in any programs that you think are better than those
listed below.

I will usually update this list once a month. So, the next issue will be
out in early February.

General format of an entry:
Program:  Name and/or Description
Version:  The latest release
Upload Date:  The date the program was uploaded to Simtel or Oak
File:  The name of the file that corresponds to the program
Size:  The size of the archive file
Location:  The directory from which the file can be found
Status:  Shareware / Freeware Info
         Shareware - copyrighted (or patented) programs distributed and sold
         on a "try before you buy" basis.
         Freeware - copyrighted programs which do not require compensation
         for use in most cases.
         Public Domain - free from copyrights; open to use by anyone
         without compensation.
Comment:  My comment and supplementary info
Alternative:  Other similar program

Part I
* Section A:  Application Programs
* Section B:  Compression / Decompression Programs
* Section C:  Utilities
   Area 1:  4DOS
   Area 2:  Disk Utilites
   Area 3:  Directory Utilities
   Area 4:  File / Text Utilities

[ Part II
   Area 5:  Screen Utilites
   Area 6:  System Utilites
   Area 7:  Other Utilities
* Section D:  Anti-Virus Programs
* Section E:  Editors
* Section F:  Communication Programs
* Section G:  Miscellaneous Files
* Appendix 1:  Mirror Sites
* Appendix 2:  Obtaining files by e-mail
* Appendix 3:  Getting upload announcements by e-mail
* Appendix 4:  How to do anonymous ftp?  ]

Section A:  Application Programs
Program: PC-Write Advanced Level Word-Processor
Version: 4.0
Upload Date: 92/07/24
Files: (Program), (Help/Spell) (Conversion), (Printer)
Size: 946,024 bytes (total)
Location: oak: /pub/msdos/editor
          garbo: /pc/txtutil
Status: Shareware
Comment: PC-Write is undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated word-processor
         There is a simpler version - pcws201*.zip (oak only) ...
Program: AsEasyAs Spreadsheet
Version: 5.01c
Upload Date: 92/07/08
Size: 338,568 bytes
Location: oak: /pub/msdos/spreadsheet
          garbo: /pc/spreadsheet
Status: Shareware
Comment: A powerful Lotus 123 clone ...
         There is a "lighter" version - (oak only) ...
Program: Buttonware's PC-File Database
Version: 6.5
Upload Date: 92/08/11
Files: pcf65{a,b,c}.zip
Size: 895,990 bytes  (total)
Location: oak: /pub/msdos/dbase
          garbo: /pc/database
Status: Shareware
Comment: This database program is fine as long as you've got disk-space
         for it ...
Alternative: RExL (rexl211{a,b,c}.zip in /pub/msdos/database) (oak only)
             File expresss (fe51-{a,b,c}.zip) (ditto)
Program: EnVision Publisher
Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 92/12/02
Files: evp10{a,b}.zip
Size: 669,413 bytes (total)
Location: oak: /pub/msdos/deskpub
          garbo: not available
Status: Shareware
Comment: Great! ... A WYSIWYG full-feature desktop publishing program ...
Program: Draft Choice CAD
Version: 2.0
Upload Date: 92/07/15
Size: 314,791 bytes
Location: oak: /pub/msdos/cad
          garbo: /pc/cad
Status: Shareware
Comment: A good computer-assisted-design program ... Get ...
BTW ... Data flow diagrams ...
        - Analyst's Toolkit ( in /pub/msdos/flowchart) - good
        - EasyCase ( in /pub/msdos/case) - limited CASE
        Flow-Charts ...
        - FLODRAW (fdrw225{a,b}.zip - /pub/msdos/flowchart) (CGA only?)
Program: X(Plore) Mathematical Toolchest
Version: 4
Upload Date: 92/06/08
Size: 417,716 bytes
Location: oak: /pub/msdos/calculator
          garbo: /pc/math
Status: Shareware
Comment: A sophisticated calculus calculator ... doing numeric math ...
Alternatives: Symbolic Calculator ( - doing symbolic math
              Mercury ( - solving equations (in /.../math for oak)
Section B:  Compression / Decompression Programs
Synopsis - DOS and UNIX
                  DOS                                UNIX
                  ---                                ----
*.zip          pkz110eu.exe  (pkz193a.exe)        zip10ex.tar-z (or .tar.Z)
       (       zip19p1.tar-z (or .tar.Z)
               unzip50.exe                        unzip50.tar-z (or .tar.Z)

*.arj          arj230ng.exe (arj239a.exe)         --
                            unarj230.tar-z (or *.tar.Z)

*.lzh          lha213.exe                         lha-101u.tar-z (oak)
                                                  lha-1.00.tar.Z (garbo)

*.arc          pk361.exe                          arc521e.tar-z (oak)
               arc602.exe                         arc.tar.Z (garbo)

*.zoo          zoo210.exe                         zoo210.tar-z (or .tar.Z)
                              booz20.tar-z (or .Z)

*.hpk                        hpack78src.tar.Z (garbo only)

*.sqz          sqz1082e.exe                

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