Gopher hole for DB taxonomies?

Dan Jacobson danj at
Fri Jan 8 16:19:16 EST 1993

In article <robison1.726426590 at> robison1 at (Keith Robison) writes:
>Do any of the biogophers out there have the capability
>to search the taxonomy files which NCBI has generated
>for the major databases?
>(If not, this is a HINT :-)

Ok, I took your subtle HINT :-)  - you can now search the taxonomy files
for Genbank and Swiss-Prot at the gopher hole:

Go to the following directory and subdirectory:

 -->  13. Search Databases at Welchlab (....)

        -->  3.  Database Taxonomy (Genbank, Swiss-Prot ...)/

                 -->  1.  Genbank Taxonomy <?>
                      2.  Swiss-Prot Taxonomy <?>

Happy searching,

Dan Jacobson

danj at

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