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Joanna L. Power jpower at
Fri Jul 2 12:03:19 EST 1993

Is anyone out there successfully using the gdb frontend software
on xterms?  I am having a bizarre problem with the DISPLAY variable.
First, DISPLAY must be set as an IP address instead of as a machine
name.  I can handle that.  The second problem is more troublesome,
as our goal is to set this up for users who may be intimidated by
the process in general.

The problem:  After I set DISPLAY in the initialization script, 
the user must still select "Change Terminal Environment" from the 
main menu, then "Change $DISPLAY Variable" from the next menu.   The
variable I set in the initialization script is there as the default,
but it is not actually set until the user accepts it.

My goal is to arrange it so that the user does not have to navigate
through these menus merely to hit return and accept the proper value

Any ideas?  Please feel free to reply be e-mail if this request does
not seem of general enough interest.

Joanna Power

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Joanna Power

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