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>Subject: database for strains, etc?
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>Is there any software available ( database ) that would allow one to
>keep track of cell lines, etc. etc.

>Thanks much.


there are some good PD programs available:

FTP  somewhere in PUB/MSDOS

filename             dnaclone.uaa
update               16-Mar-1990
version              1.1
size                 190 k
compressed           PAK
ASCII conversion     UUE (split; 3 parts: .UAA to .UAC)
author               Roy T. K.
description          Management of clones, strains, libraries etc. 
literature           CABIOS 5 (1989), 321-322

an other file is clones.uaa...

If you need a copy, I can send it to you by e-mail file attachment ...

ps. you need the uudecode programs !

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