Request for Info on Force Field assisted Particle Recognition

Mark Klamerus mek at
Fri Jul 9 12:47:39 EST 1993


	I'm currently in the graduate biocomputing program at Wayne
	State Univ in Detroit.  I'm particuarly focusing in on the
	computational aspects of proteins (and associated molecules
	like enzymes, RNA, etc.).  I was looking to do my paper/thesis
	on the information processing aspects of pattern/particle
	recognition of molecules (real or otherwise) assisted by force
	fields (the way protein recognize each other and form mosaics).

	Can anyone point to any works done in this area or provide any
	suggestions/recommendations.  In particular, I've read many
	articles on Brownian Dynamics, but interested to pointers to
	articles on molecular liquids, force fields, diffusion, etc.
	which relate to the above area.  I'm not especially interested
	in the thermodynamics/statistical side of things.  At least, not
	too much on the statistical side.

	I'm especially interested in abstracting the concepts/theories
	away from the physical side of things (for now), but will take
	anything in this area I can get.

	I'm also open for any opinions on whether this seems to be worthy
	of study, any direction to focus this research, discouragement
	(if appropriate), and info on whether this has been done already.

	thanks very much,

	Mark Klamerus
	mek at

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