Quantitative scanning eqpmnt

Fri Jul 9 16:23:44 EST 1993

Hi all

Ive read recently that several groups have been using Macs,scanners, Photoshop
and Image to do quantitation of Northen blot autoradiograms.

How does this package compare with the PDI Quantity One software (for unix) and
the Biorad quantitation systems that cost 12-15K. Does the type of scanner
significantly affect the quantitation or do the $1-2K scanners at 600dpi do
as good a job?

What software do others out there use for Northern quantitation and how
fast is it? Time is our problem at the moment with single autorads taking sev.
hours to complete analyses that can be done in minutes on other systems.

Thanks in advance

Nigel Walker

Johns Hopkins University
Batimore USA

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