NIH Image question

Wayne Rasband wayne at
Mon Jul 12 10:26:52 EST 1993

In article <bio1.270.0 at>, bio1 at (Fourie Joubert)
> I'm thinking of putting together a Mac system for gel analysis using NIH 
> Image. Can NIH Image read TIFF or similar files created on a PC scanner?

NIH Image can read 8-bit uncompressed TIFF files created on little-endian
DOS/Windows machines. Image 1.50(now in beta) adds the ability to import
16-bit TIFF files.

> If not, is there a relatively cheap card available for connecting a Mac to 
> our lab video camera?

The least expensive frame grabber directly supported by NIH Image is
the Scion LG-3, which has a list price of $895. Scion's phone number is
301-695-7870. The Image 1.50 beta can acquire images from any Mac
frame grabber or scanner that has a Photoshop plug-in.

The current version of NIH Image(1.49), as well as the 1.50 beta, are
available by anonymous FTP from[],
in the /pub/image directory.


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