Where to find Binhex/HexBin for DOS (was Re: Need source-code for BinHex)

Ashok Aiyar ashok at biochemistry.cwru.edu
Mon Jul 12 20:55:32 EST 1993

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>Does anyone know where I could find a copy of the source for BinHex.

>My goal is to get a version that will run on a VAX (or under UNIX for that
>matter). We want it so as to be able to process BinHex stuff from a Mac
>without having to play silly file-server games and unBinHex it on a Mac.
>This is to deal with BinHexed mail attachments that come from people with Macs
>using Eudora.

>I seem to remember that there is a MS-DOS version somwewhere.  Maybe this
>would be a good place to start, if someone has not already done the job...

>|Ross Smith,  Research Computing Resource, Department of Cell Biology, NYU-MC|

>Dear Ross Smith,

>I have found a BinHex program for MS-DOS.  I have searched in vain
>for a MS-DOS version of DeBinHex.

Check boombox.micro.umn.edu in /pub/pc/binhex .... works both ways.

I also archive a copy at biochemistry.bioc.cwru.edu in /pub/dos

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