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Don Gilbert gilbertd at
Mon Jul 12 09:37:29 EST 1993

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> I'm thinking of putting together a Mac system for gel analysis using NIH 
> Image. Can NIH Image read TIFF or similar files created on a PC scanner?

Yes.  Many other common Mac graphics applications can read TIFF also,
including Canvas and Photoshop.

> If not, is there a relatively cheap card available for connecting a Mac to 
> our lab video camera?

Video Spigot is such a card that is inexpensive ($400 for nubus mac, other
models for LC and SI) and links to many kinds of video input -- VCR,
camcorder, TV.  I haven't used one.  I'm looking at the blurb for it in
MacWarehouse mail order catalog.  Phones: 800.622.6222,  Fax: 203.855.1386,
paper mail: MacWareHouse, 47 Water St., Norwalk, CT 06854.    Other Mac
mail-order companies will also sell this.

Don Gilbert, Biocomputing Office, Biology, Indiana Univ., Bloomington, IN

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