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Tue Jul 13 15:48:40 EST 1993

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> >Dear All,
> >We are about to update our ancient 'GEM' graphics drawing software (circa
> >1987) for something better. We use this software for molecular biology-
> >oriented slides, posters, thesis illustrations etc. It includes graph
> >presentation and drawing applications. I have arrived at three alternatives
> > Coreldraw v3 or v4 at 3x the price, harvard graphics or Micrographix Graphics
> >Works. Our reqiurements are that it should be easy to use and offer as much
> >control over the image as possible, without requiring 'professional graphics
> >designer levels of complexity. Our budget extends to 300 sterling and 40MB
> >(plus DOS v6 file compression ie approx 70MB in total?
> >Any suggestions or comments?
> >Graham Atherton
> Although I haven't used any of the above packages personally, a friend of mine
> uses Harvard Graphics, and loves it.  From what I've seen, it is quite
> impressive.  I read a review of graphics packages in PC Magazine about 8
> months ago, and it rated Harvard Graphics #1 among DOS-compatible graphics
> packages.  It is supposed to be very powerful and very easy to use.
> --Dave
The thing is that you're doing several graphics tasks which none of
them can all cover adequately.

Harvard Graphics:   Very good for slides (text) but can be a real let-
                    down for scientific data charts since it doesn't
                    have error bar generation.  Best charting program
                    for outputting to SCODL film recorder format.
                    HG is the worst choice if you have to do any
                    technical drawing.

Graphics Works:     A really easy package to use for drawing and image
                    manipulation.  Of course you're missing some of
                    the fancy stuff but if you require certain options
                    (e.g. auto-extrude), this isn't your package.  I
                    don't think charting is included.
                    Forget about SCODL output; you'll need to buy
                    Micrografx's driver at $199 USD.

CorelDraw!:         Real industrial strength drawing.  Version 3
                    modules can be really buggy (especially the
                    Charting module) and since some of them were
                    licensed from other vendors, don't integrate well
                    with the main drawing module. I haven't tried V4
                    but it looks really bloated.  V3 can cover most
                    of your required tasks but may be too complex for
                    general (read "everyone's") use.

Unfortunately, you may have to wind up buying two packages to cover
all your needs; do you have an educational pricing system or will
they allow you to increase your budget? (70 MB isn't enough)

- ivan

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