Enhancements to KA9Q based Mail/Gopher server -- check it out?

Ashok Aiyar ashok at biochemistry.cwru.edu
Wed Jul 14 01:09:50 EST 1993

During this summer, Peter Crawshaw has been adding some very nice enhancements 
to the KA9Q based PC Gopher server, including a search engine for DBF files, 
as well as the ability to "grep" through text files in a directory .....

I have also been adding numberous other changes to the base source that Peter 
and I have been working with including fixes and enhancements to the SMTP 
server, addition of a greeting file to the FTP server, an AT command, David 
Mischler's IP packet filtering code, and a whole bunch of other things ....

While the code is in "beta", I am running it on my Gopher server to test it's 
stability.  We hope to "release" the compiled executables in a week.  We will 
pretty much have to -- as I have to start writing my Ph.D thesis in full 
earnest and Peter has anothercommitment starting the end of next week.

There is a sample DBF file search right of the root menu 

>Rich Robert's Restriction Enzyme Database Search (trial)

Searches are possible by Enzyme, Prototype or Site .... I just put this up
for Gopher, so the sites are still of the form .... "G^AATTC" for example,
for EcoRI and isoschizomers ....

While I am very open to Gopher and KA9Q suggestions, right now my primary 
interest/concern is the stability of the executable ....

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