Wed Jul 14 00:58:09 EST 1993

> >Dear All,
> >We are about to update our ancient 'GEM' graphics drawing software (circa
> >1987) for something better. We use this software for molecular biology-
> >oriented slides, posters, thesis illustrations etc. It includes graph
> It seems to me additional programs to consider:
> 1.  Freelance graphics for Windows (personally I don't see how you can
>     avoid using Windows for this purpose on the IBM platform) from Lotus.
>     Recent reviews in some magazines consider this the easiest and the best.
>     I have not had occassion to try out scientific stuff yet.
Yes you can avoid using Windows.  There's a Lotus package called
"Freelance Graphics for DOS".

> 2.  WordPerfect Presentation (also for Windows, I believe).  Looks impressive
>     specs.
Also available in a DOS version (WP Presentations for DOS); both
versions are functionally and visually identical.  For you
WordPerfect junkies, the new WP 6.0 will have an identical interface
across DOS, Win3.1 and OS/2.  WP Presentations has some good modules
for drawing and painting and may be a good choice for non-intensive
drawing; charting looks good on paper (but that's what they said
about Aldus Persuasion too).

> 3.  Slide Write Plus.  I had used old version before and it does do auto
>     error bars, and log scales, etc. as I remember.  Has been updated much
>     since and I believe is well thought of.
The Win3.1 version is better than the one for DOS.

> 4.  ?Stanford Graphics.  This is the one with impressive looking 3-
>     D graphs (real scientific looking 3D plots - not the usual
>     businessman-kind 3D bars and pies, etc.).  I vaguely remember
>     PC Magazine had a review a year or two ago which mentions this
>     program in a sidebar.
This program can be quite slow imaging certain graph types.  Before
version 2.x, it was also quite buggy.

Other packages which you may also want to consider are CA Cricket
Graph (a Mac port to Win3.1; CA promises a major upgrade real soon
now), DeltaGraph Pro (another Mac port to Win3.1; buggy and slow at
this point) and Jandel's SigmaPlot (yuck-o! in either DOS or Win3.1;
quirky interface) for charting.

For the drawing part, there's Canvas for Win3.1.  Looks easy...

 > > Hope you find this useful.
> C Cho Yue
> ccy at
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- ivan

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