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Tue Jul 13 21:17:30 EST 1993


>Dear All,
>We are about to update our ancient 'GEM' graphics drawing software (circa
>1987) for something better. We use this software for molecular biology-
>oriented slides, posters, thesis illustrations etc. It includes graph
>presentation and drawing applications. I have arrived at three alternatives
> Coreldraw v3 or v4 at 3x the price, harvard graphics or Micrographix Graphics
>Works. Our reqiurements are that it should be easy to use and offer as much
>control over the image as possible, without requiring 'professional graphics
>designer levels of complexity. Our budget extends to 300 sterling and 40MB
>(plus DOS v6 file compression ie approx 70MB in total?
>Any suggestions or comments?
>Graham Atherton

It seems to me additional programs to consider:

1.  Freelance graphics for Windows (personally I don't see how you can 
    avoid using Windows for this purpose on the IBM platform) from Lotus.
    Recent reviews in some magazines consider this the easiest and the best.
    I have not had occassion to try out scientific stuff yet.

2.  WordPerfect Presentation (also for Windows, I believe).  Looks impressive

3.  Slide Write Plus.  I had used old version before and it does do auto
    error bars, and log scales, etc. as I remember.  Has been updated much
    since and I believe is well thought of.

4.  ?Stanford Graphics.  This is the one with impressive looking 3-D graphs
    (real scientific looking 3D plots - not the usual businessman-kind 3D
    bars and pies, etc.).  I vaguely remember PC Magazine had a review a year
    or two ago which mentions this program in a sidebar.

Hope you find this useful.

C Cho Yue
ccy at

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