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In article <CA5DCE.36t at biobase.aau.dk> pamaga at biobase.aau.dk (Paulo Magalhaes) writes:

>A while back I posted a question to the 'methods-reagents' newsgroup
>regarding software. Now I believe I'm in the right place :)

>To cut a long story short, we need to find good PC alternatives to
>Mac's PhotoShop and Image 1.44. Our knowledge in this area is summarized
>in the next few lines:

>* Image Master, from Pharmacia - it sounds pretty good, but the price is
>  ridiculously high...

>* PhotoShop for Windows - does this program do exactly the same thing as
>  the Mac version? Who commercializes it?

>* QuantiScan, from BioSoft - does this program do the same as Image 1.44
>  (for the Mac)? Does anyone have any experience with it? It seems as if
>  it is a good alternative, but we'd like to know a little more about it
>  before we take the plunge. Price, anyone?

>* AND AGAIN: we're still looking for a PC program that provides the same
>  features as Image 1.44 - amongst other things, we need to quantify and
>  print autoRs... Your suggestions will be much appreciated.

Add to your list PC_Image by Foster Findlay in England. The price is high (but 
not ridiculous-I think you can get an educational discount), and optionally 
you can purchase their software development kit used to develop this windows 
app. They provided me with a demo (works only on certain images). This is 
probably the closest any PC app has come to IMAGE (version 1.49 now).  I 
didn't buy it though...lack 'o funds, as they say, and the fact it requires a 

Data Translation of Marlboro, Massachusetts sells another Windows app called 
Global Lab Image. Probably the best imaging app around, but the price is 
beyond ridiculous. They also sell video boards, and this software was probably 
meant to serve those (but I think I was told it doesn't require one).  I would 
be tempted to buy one of their boards if the cost of the SOFTWARE didn't 
prevent it!
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