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>> >Dear All,
>> >We are about to update our ancient 'GEM' graphics drawing software (circa
>> >1987) for something better. We use this software for molecular biology-
>> >oriented slides, posters, thesis illustrations etc. It includes graph
>> >presentation and drawing applications.

>The thing is that you're doing several graphics tasks which none of
>them can all cover adequately.

[commentary on specific programs deleted]

>Unfortunately, you may have to wind up buying two packages to cover
>all your needs; do you have an educational pricing system or will
>they allow you to increase your budget? (70 MB isn't enough)

I agree on the need for two programs.  I use SlideWrite Plus for
Windows to make graphs.  It is better oriented to scientific needs
than a spreadsheet.  For illustrations and for customizing SlideWrite
Plus graphs to make color slides, I use Aldus FreeHand.  It has much
more flexible drawing capabilities.  This combination works well,
although I can't say whether it's the "best."  I looked at Lotus
Freelance Graphics for Windows in an earlier version.  It was easy to
use, but it lacked the flexibility of FreeHand.

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