PC version of NIH Image (and other stories)

A. Parsons mbpcr at s-crim1.dl.ac.uk
Wed Jul 14 07:20:25 EST 1993

In article <CA5DCE.36t at biobase.aau.dk> pamaga at biobase.aau.dk (Paulo Magalhaes) writes:

>* AND AGAIN: we're still looking for a PC program that provides the same
>  features as Image 1.44 - amongst other things, we need to quantify and
>  print autoRs... Your suggestions will be much appreciated.

The Image 1.44 manual does say that NO PORT to pC or Un*x is planned but that
the complete source code (32,000 lines of Pascal) is available to anyone who
wants to try and port it...

Rather you than me!

Tony P.

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