Restriction Enzyme Database Search (was Re: Enhancements to KA9Q based Gopher server)

Ashok Aiyar ashok at
Wed Jul 14 10:15:29 EST 1993

Thanks to all who have tested the REBASE.DBF for me.  Lots of people have
complained that searches by cleavage site doesn't work, when presented
with a query like:


The database that I have online is pretty much from Dr. R. Roberts
TYPE2.### available from, and cleavage sites are marked as


I just tried the above, and it picks out the enzymes that cleave at that
position ....

Also, if you are trying to find compatible overhangs, a SITE search with

AATT will pick out all enzymes with that pattern in them.

Sometime later, if I find the time, I will change all "^" to "/" as that
seems to be what people use intuitively ....

I will also put some help documentation for the search engine.  So far
the server seems to have held up okay .... thanks to all who have been nice 
enough to pound away at it.

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