Vibrant documentation?

David Kristofferson kristoff at
Wed Jul 14 16:18:47 EST 1993

lindap at (Linda Penington) writes:

>I am planning to write a user interface which I would ideally like to be
>portable across a wide range of platforms (I know, wouldn't we all :).
>To this end I hope to use Vibrant, which was put out by NCBI in the same
>package as ASNtool.  The README says that Vibrant is provided as is,
>and no documentation was provided.  Does anyone know of _any_ information 
>or documentation for Vibrant which might make my task a little easier?

You might also examine XVT which is commercially available, supported,
and has been in use by many people for some time.  It has been
described in several articles in Byte over the last few years.


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