wanted:PC based mapping software (cheapness desired)

Michael Folkes folkes at sun.bdc.ubc.ca
Wed Jul 14 14:19:15 EST 1993

So I apologise for for my simplicity, but this where my search begins.
I'm  looking for a program that will run on a faster 386 with 8M.  It
can be windows based (or not).

Basicly I want to show a map on screen, with watersheds, and be able
to search a database for samples, which could then be presented on the
Presently I have a longitude and lat. associated with each sample in my
database, but hope to progress to a watershed hierarchical index.
  This index will give a number to a particular stretch of water in
 the river system. The oppotunity to zoom into certain sections of the
map would obviously be a major bonus. 

  And finally, the software sould be able to make hard copies of the map.

Any suggestions?	thanks,

Michael Folkes				The Fish Museum & Ecology Group
folkes at bcu.ubc.ca			2204 Main Mall, U.B.C.  Vancouver
(604)-822-2731				B.C.	Canada 	 V6T 1Z4

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