David W. Garber garber at
Wed Jul 14 14:10:48 EST 1993

>>Dear All,
>>We are about to update our ancient 'GEM' graphics drawing software (circa
>>1987) for something better. We use this software for molecular biology-
>>oriented slides, posters, thesis illustrations etc. It includes graph
>>presentation and drawing applications. I have arrived at three alternatives
>> Coreldraw v3 or v4 at 3x the price, harvard graphics or Micrographix Graphics
>>Works. Our reqiurements are that it should be easy to use and offer as much
>>control over the image as possible, without requiring 'professional graphics
>>designer levels of complexity. Our budget extends to 300 sterling and 40MB
>>(plus DOS v6 file compression ie approx 70MB in total?
>>Any suggestions or comments?
>>Graham Atherton

In a similar vein, we need to print poster titles that extend over three
or four sheets of paper continuously.  MacPaint or MacDraw or something
like that does this on the Mac, but most of us here use PC's with
Windows.  We've got LaserJets and Postscript printers on the network.
Any suggestions?

David Garber
University of Alabama at Birmingham
garber at

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