Signal Scan update

Dan S. Prestridge danp at POGO.CBS.UMN.EDU
Wed Jul 14 16:48:33 EST 1993

Signal Scan users:

Signal Scan has now been updated to work with TFD version 7.0
(Transcription Factor Database).  TFD 7.0 has a couple of different
field sizes in the database, which will confuse the database update
feature in earlier versions of Signal Scan.  The current version of
Signal Scan is 3.3, and it inlcudes TFD 7.0. In addition, ver. 3.3
includes a larger reference field so that references are no longer
truncated, but are the full length references contained in the TFD.
The newest versions of Signal Scan can be obtained by anonymous ftp
(UNIX, PC, VMS) from Minnesota or E-mail server (UNIX) from Los
Alamos. Instructions for obtaining each are contained below.


Dan S. Prestridge, Ph.D.			E-mail: DANP at MOLBIO.UMN.EDU
Director					Telephone: (612) 625-3744
Molecular Biology Computing Center (MBCC)       Fax: (612) 625-5780
Department of Biochemistry
University of Minnesota
1479 Gortner Ave.
St. Paul,  MN  55108

UNIX SIGNAL SCAN instructions:

The latest version of SIGNAL SCAN is available from Bioserve at Los
Alamos National Laboratory by an e-mail server.

1. mail to bioserve at

2. leave the subject line blank

3. on the first text line type "signal-scan" (w/o quotes)

4. send the email

5. you will receive several email messages, one with the source code
   and several with information and instructions.  The instructions
   inform you how to unarchive, compile, and start the program.

Best of luck, if you have any problems please contact me,


PC SIGNAL SCAN ftp instructions:

1. ftp to

2. use "anonymous" for the name (w/o quotes)

3. use your email address for the password (this allows me to
notify you of bugs or updates)

4. type "cd pub/sigscan/pc" (puts you in the pc directory), 
   then type "b" to put ftp in binary transfer mode.

5. type "get sigscan3.exe".


	Make sure you ftp in binary mode before you transfer.
	Use "ls" instead of "dir" to find out what is in a directory.		

6. type "bye"

7. download the program to your PC if needed (make sure you use
a binary mode for transfer).


	Make a directory on your hard disk for SIGNAL SCAN.  You can
call it what you wish, I call mine SIGSCAN3.  Your will need
about 1 Mbyte of free disk space to load the program.  Copy the
SIGSCAN.EXE file from the diskette to your new directory on the
hard disk.  Note that SIGSCAN3.EXE is a self-extracting
compressed file, do not try to run it on the diskette.  Once the
program is on the hard disk, change into your SIGNAL SCAN
directory and type "sigscan3".  This will decompress the program
into its many files (you will see messages on your screen like
"exploding" or "extracting" such and such a file - this is OK). 
Once the decompression is complete, you may delete the
SIGSCAN3.EXE file if you need space on your hard disk (this frees
up about 250 kbytes, the decompressed program takes up about 750

	If you do not have the ansi.sys driver loaded, add the line
DEVICE=ANSI.SYS to your config.sys file. Make sure you have
ansi.sys in your root directory or include the path to it
(ansi.sys is included with all versions of the DOS operating
system and is often found in the DOS subdirectory).  If you have
not had the ansi.sys driver loaded before, you must reboot your
computer so that the new config.sys file will be read.  Change
into the SIGNAL SCAN directory and type SIGNAL at the prompt. 
You should be all set to go.

	There is very important information on running SIGNAL SCAN,
update information, and other information you should be aware of
in the file README.DOC.  Please read it.

	There is a simple "online" help facility in the program itself.
You will find it located in the bottom menu on the main menu
screen.  In this menu are located information on sequence
format, analysis comments, etc.  Please look at this help menu
and read all the selections if you have never run the program
before.  To select menu items, just press the first letter of
the item on the keyboard.  If you have DOS 3.2 or earlier, you
may get an error message when you use the online help; just
ignore it.

	With this updated version of SIGNAL SCAN I am asking all users
to please register your name, address, and email address if you
have one.  This works better for you and for me.  It helps me
justify further funding for the program, and it will help me to
keep you informed on future updates and changes in the program.

	If you need further assistance, or have comments and
suggestions, please contact me at the surface or email addresses.

If you need to get a copy on diskett, please send a 3.5" or 5 1/4"
diskette to the address below.




1)ftp to, use "anonymous" for the user name and your
  email address for the password.  Type:


  enter anonymous and your email address at the respective prompts.

2)change directory to the "pub/sigscan/vms" directory, type:

  cd pub/sigscan/vms

  get sigscan32.uue
  get setup.vms 

4)follow the instructions in the setup.vms file.

Best of luck, if you have any problems please notify me.



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