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Thu Jul 15 19:44:14 EST 1993

> A question Richard -- have you ever used DrawPerfect for the same task?
> I've not used either Aldus or D_Perfect but like many, I am in the market
> for drawing programs for better data presentation.
> Thanks,
> David
> haviland at kids.wustl.edu

If you are using Win3.1 or OS/2 2.x, you have several choices
depending on how well you draw.  May I suggest:

Adobe Illustrator:  Win3.1 version only; the one I use; really hard
                    but control over the drawing is great

Micrografx Draw!:   Win3.1 or 16-bit OS/2 version; simple to use but
                    with a good range of power tools.  2600 clip art
                    pieces come with it

Micrografx Designer:    Win3.1 or 16-bit OS/2 variant; like Adobe
                        Illustrator but a little easier

CorelDraw!:     Win3.1 or 32-bit OS/2 variant; the Win3.1 is more
                advanced feature and interface-wise.  Was once
                really good but has suddenly bloated itself with

All work best with PostScript; Illustrator works with Type 1 fonts
ONLY so if you have an extensive Truetype library, forget it.

- ivan

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