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** In a previous article, garber at (David W. Garber) says:
** >
** >In a similar vein, we need to print poster titles that extend over three
** >or four sheets of paper continuously.  MacPaint or MacDraw or something
** >like that does this on the Mac, but most of us here use PC's with
** >Windows.  We've got LaserJets and Postscript printers on the network.
** >Any suggestions?
** >
** >David Garber
** >University of Alabama at Birmingham
** >garber at
** >
** I bought Broderbund's Banner Mannia.  Nice program.  Cheap ($30-40).  Writes
** 2 lines of text of various fonts, styles, shading, etc.  Best when printed
** out on fan-fold paper.  By juidicious placement of the text on the paper, and
** by reloading and reprint on the same roll of paper, you can get 4 lines of
** text easily.  It is also a lot of fun.  Uses graphic dot matrix printer very
** well - many fonts print without too much jaggies.
** Also Power Up software has a banner program, but I have no personal experience
** with it.

I have used the Apple II version of the Power Up software.  I creates very
nice-looking, fancy poster titles (up to 8 lines, various fonts).  However, 
the disk is copy-protected and I am no longer able to run it because it
went bad some time ago.

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