windows and databases and local email

Dr Tristram Wyatt, Continuing Education wyatt at
Thu Jul 15 07:16:22 EST 1993

Dear all

I'm posting for advice. I'm involved in updating the
software on a novell network here.  We're thinking of going over to windows
(and then being able to use local email,  easy switch of data between 
applications etc.

any recommendations - eg on email: Pegasus, Eurdora? DaVinci? (who makes it?)
or others??

we'll also need to choose a database (MS Access, Foxpro and Paradox for windows
have all been mentioned as possibilities).

what's the reliablity like of networks under windows 3.1 now?
I'm semi-computer-literate (learning) so really I don't know much but I want to
get a feel for what is possible.

best wishes

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